jiyeon2 T-ara's Jiyeon is under scrutiny again for making a contradicting comment on recent episode of M.net Beatles Code 2 regarding her first kiss. When asked about her first kiss on the show, Jiyeon answered, "My first kiss was when I was in Middle School. I don't remember clearly but I think he was older than me." However, netizens, whom we all know are capable of finding any and all information about our K-pop stars, explained that back in 2010, Jiyeon had said, "My first heart fluttering first kiss was with, my ideal type, Yoo Seung Ho," during a broadcasting of Strong Heart. They further explained that on the talk show, Jiyeon had said that it was during a music video filming of T-ara's Liar where she had kissed Yoo Seung Ho due to the producer's request. Netizens quoted Jiyeon, "It was my first kiss and I was really happy." (Source: Nate)