T.O.P talks about his new movie Alumni in a video message for his upcoming fan meeting on January 28th. Alumni is the story of T.O.P's character Myung Hoon, who is on a mission to both infiltrate South Korea and save his younger sister Hye In. His character is a North Korean who endures training in order to grow and become a killer, and he goes to South Korea on a homicidal mission, disguised with a new identity as a North Korean defector high school student. On one hand, Myung Hoon coldly kills renegades on North Korean command, but on the other, he meets and develops strange feelings towards a female student in his class who shares the same name as his younger sister. This will be T.O.P’s first movie appearance since Into the Fire in 2010, in which he played the role of main character Jang Beom. His acting won the Best New Actor award at Baeksang Arts Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards. Watch his message to fans here: Who's going to see Alumni when it comes out? (Source: www.bigbangupdates.com)