Be brave, Taecyeon!

The fearless Let's Fight Ghost star needs his Hottests' support and reassurance more than ever these days. He openly admitted yesterday on JTBC′s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator that the thought of enlisting next year terrifies him. 

"After this album, 2PM members will be planning their enlistment and I plan to enlist early next year. Truthfully, I am afraid and anxious that the date is getting closer. However, I think it was the right choice," the 27 year-old said. 

The future active duty soldier underwent two surgeries to elevate him out of the public servant position he initially tested for. Taecyeon's strong desire to protect South Korea also influenced him to give up his permanent U.S. residency in 2010 to serve in the country's armed forces. The 2PM member has proven over the years that he is 100 times braver than his fictional character Bong Pal in Let's Fight Ghost

Of course, on Please Take Care of My Refrigerator he requested a memorable meal that his mother could easily make for him. 

If you had the opportunity to do something special for Taceyeon while he serves in the military, what would you do? 

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