Although it seems unlikely that Taecyeon could ever get cold (what with all of his hotness), the We Got Married star decided to bundle up for the latest issue of InStyle. Choosing a layered look, Taecyeon proves that he can look just as good under layers of clothes as he does shirtless. The toned down colors of the sweaters and knits that he's wearing are perfect for creating a stylish autumn wardrobe -- add that to his smolder and you've got a winning combination! So all you guys out there, take some tips from Taecyeon, and start preparing your fall wardrobe early!

Surprisingly, the 2PM member discussed acting rather than his idol experience during his interview. Taecyeon stated, "Because I had been touring around the world for the last 2 years, I left Korea, and I really missed having the chance to act. I thought about the times I'd pull all-nighters at the set and share a can of energy drinks with my fellow actors."

It seems that Taecyeon is really getting into acting!