Age means everything to Taecyeon!

K-drama fans are swooning every week by the amazing chemistry between Bong Pal and Kim Hyun Ji in Let's Fight Ghost. However, the actor playing Bong Pal is well aware of the 11 year age gap that exists, and he is being very careful around his young co-star Kim So Hyun. During today's press conference, the 27 year-old star revealed what it's really like to film romantic scenes with the innocent 17 year-old actress. 

“Kim So Hyun is 11 years younger than me. I’m trying to not feel anything.”

He jokingly admitted that their first kiss scene was challenging. “I got in a lot of trouble from people around me. There was a kiss scene right at the beginning. I think our acting was natural. Since we passed a huge obstacle in the beginning, everything else seems minor in comparison.”

Of course, the two stars are so into their characters you can barely notice their age difference. The innocent on-screen attraction they portray is truly a K-drama love to remember for many years to come. I'm sure many are rooting for the couple until the very end! It's great to know that Taecyeon is trying his best to be the proper gentlemen. That makes viewers respect him all the more.

What do you think about Taceyeon and Kim So Hyun's  on-screen chemistry in Let's Fight Ghost? Is it one of your favorites in K-drama history?


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