Taecyeon can't wait to serve his country!

Yesterday, the Let's Fight Ghost actor joined his 2PM boys for the conclusion of their 6Nights concert series in Seoul. The heartthrob opened up about his future military plans. He's looking forward to enlisting this summer but not before he leaves his Hottests with something to remember him by. "I am currently filming a drama from OCN called Save Me. I think it'll probably air after I enlist so if you miss me, please have the chance to watch the drama for me," he explained to his sea of supporters.

The 28 year-old is following in actor Joo Won's footsteps by leaving his fandom a drama to enjoy, while he serves, My Sassy Girl makes our Monday and Tuesdays so much brighter! Taecyeon's upcoming series Save Me, which is about four men faced with the dilemma of saving a stranger from a cult, is scheduled to premiere on the OCN network in August. Actors Seo Ye Ji, Woo Do Hwan and David Lee help Taceyeon bring Jo Guen San's webcomic series to life.  

In 2010, the 2PM member gave up his permanent residence visa in the USA for the opportunity to serve in the country he was born in. He underwent a few surgeries for injuries he incurred due to a busy idol life and a broken arm. Nonetheless, he has persevered to be able to serve in the army. 

Taecyeon will be leaving fans with so many amazing memories during his two-year tenure. Besides Save Me, his fans can enjoy marathons of oldies but goodies like Cinderella's Sister, Dream High and Who Are You. In addition, you can also have fun with more recent shows like Let's Fight Ghost and Touching You.

Which Taecyeon K-drama will you start binge watching as soon as he enlists?

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