Taceyeon and Kim So Hyun's characters have specific reasons why they are taking on the scariest ghosts in South Korea. Their fighting style and the incentives driving them are as different as night and day in Let's Fight Ghost. Bong Pal (Taceyeon) gets paid to take on ghosts, but the horrific murder of someone close to him keeps him enraged at the evil spirits. The mystery surrounding Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun)'s death is her driving force to fight ghosts and discover the truth. When these two join forces, they are unstoppable! Let's find out which one is the most equipped to be the best ghost fighter.

1. Taceyeon has a scary sword to attack ghosts. 

But Kim So Hyun's anger toward her character's wrongful death enhances her hand-to-hand fighting skills.


2. Taecyeon gets paid to take on unruly spirits. 

But Kim So Hyun's character is a spirit who only fights the ghosts that scare her. Plus, nobody pays ghosts to fight their own.

3. Taecyeon is not afraid to fight to the death with supernatural beings.

But Kim So Hyun has the ability to tell Taec what ghosts' weaknesses are to conquer them.

4. Taecyeon wants revenge after one evil spirit murdered his mom. 

But Kim So Hyun is best friends with friendly ghosts.

5. Taecyeon hunts evils spirits down to destroy them.

But ghosts always want to pick a fight, and they seek out Kim So Hyun.

6. Taecyeon is oblivious to some evil forces around him. 

But Kim So Hyun can sense the professor (with the creepy back tattoo) is avoiding her on purpose.

Which fighter is your favorite so far? Do you think they will join forces to fight Kwon Yool's character in future episodes, or is he too powerful for them to handle?


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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