2PM member and actor Taecyeon would really appreciate it if two specific netizens would stop sexually harassing him on Twitter. Apparently, there were two netizens who, for a while now, have been sending really tasteless tweets to Taecyeon, and he finally had enough of their antics.

He tweeted the other day that he would be pressing charges against the netizens and will offer no leniency as far as the punishment is concerned. The two netizens have since taken down their twitter accounts, but JYP Entertainment is moving forward with pressing charges.

The lesson of this story is simple: you can say whatever you want to a celebrity to get noticed, but you might not like the attention when you finally get it. Too bad for them Taec wasn’t riding their raunch train and now they have to suffer the consequences.

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE