Can you believe someone swore at SHINee's Taemin?! Like who in their right mind would even think of doing such a horrendous thing as swearing at Taeminnie?! Well, apparently one staff member on the We Got Married set did commit this mortal sin, and you guessed it! Shawols (SHINee fans) and netizens got all riled up and pissed off over it (sorry for “cursing” kekeke -_-).

So the way the story goes is, Taemin pulled some kind of hidden camera prank on Son Na Eun, and she was acting all sensitive and dramatic, and started crying during her interview segment. Well, a female staff member who was immersed in the event supposedly said in reference to Taemin out loud and recorded for the world to hear “What a Son of a Bi…”

Taemin: The so-called "Son of a Bi..."

We Got Married
has since released an official apology to Taemin and fans stating the swearing was not to hurt Taemin and there was no ill will behind it. I’ll take it! Look, we all know fans and netizens can get a little over protective of the Idols and actors they love, but they need to chillax. Just because someone is a staff member on set does not mean they’re not watching the events play out just like the rest of us. Who hasn’t cursed after watching some crazy scene go down?! I know I curse at Taemin every time he performs and looks hot because of the feels! It's a natural reaction!

So in conclusion, Taemin has the power to make you curse; just don't do it loud enough for anyone to actually hear you. Duhh! (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE