Taeyang is setting bromance goals! Over the weekend, BIGBANG's T.O.P received an uplifting letter from the Taeyang Concert: SOLAR star in the mail. The idol quickly shared a photo of it on Instagram for all the V.I.Ps to see. "Youngbae's letter from Seoul. #TotallyTouched #ILoveYouTooYoungbae," was the Tazza 2: The Hidden Card actor's caption. Taeyang's sweet letter read as follows:

"To Seunghyun-hyung. Hyung, I'll pray that you film and come back without any happenings while you're in Germany. I'll really miss you during the two months that you are gone. Lately, you look exhausted and lonely, so I worry about you. Have strength, hyung! I pray sincerely every night for your spirit and that you will understand God's love as written in the Bible. Have fun, hyung, I love you!"

T.O.P is currently filming the Chinese movie Out of Control in Germany. He portrays character Tom Young in the upcoming film. I guess his fellow bandmate, Taeyang, truly missed him and wanted to give him some words of encouragement. This is the perfect example of brotherly love, even if it is just between idols.

What do you think about his warm message to his bandmate?


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