Those who love their pets will understand that a pet is more than just an animal...they are a friend...they are family. As such, we not only share out joys and sorrows with them, but they also bring us much happiness and at times they cause us to worry. When something happens to these precious members of our families, all who are involved can be deeply affected by it. Unfortunately, in a tragic turn of events, Bigbang member Taeyang and his family are currently facing just such a moment as their family dog Homie has allegedly been kidnapped. 

(Taeyang-Young Bae's Instagram) 

Bigbang member Taeyang and his family are currently looking for their dog Homie! Taeyang's brother, actor Dong Hyun Bae, posted on his personal Instagram about their dog Homie being taken by someone in Yeoju city, Gyeonggi Province. 

Homie is a bull dog and has black dots under his eyes like eyeliner and he as a lot of black dots on his stomach. Homie is also said to react immediately to his name being called. 

The family wishes that whoever has taken Homie please return him because he is part of their family. 

Taeyang and his brother got Homie in 2013 after his previous dog, Boss, passed away due to an illness. 

(Homie's pics from Dong Hyun Bae's Instagram)

Let's hope Taeyang and his family can soon be reunited with Homie!