Who doesn't love a great cup of coffee? Around the world, there are many excellent cafes one can sit down in and enjoy a nice cup of joe, but one city takes the cake (which goes great with coffee!) as the best, and that city is Taipei. Why?

It's because it's about more than just coffee here. It's about the social element and the total experience. Many awesomely decorated cafes are located in highly populated areas such as markets and university centers, and many provide other activities for coffee lovers to partake in while they sip down an enjoyable beverage. Some have puzzles, encouraging patrons to meet a stranger and engage in a fun brain-game event. One even has a gold fish stream for patrons to check out while enjoying their drinks. It's all about the social aspect here. It's about discovering new ideas and meeting new people, and that's really why Taipei takes #1 in the world when it comes to the greatest city to grab a cup of coffee. Check out these pictures below and tell me you wouldn't want to spend a little time in some of these. There is something for everyone:

Do Nothing Grass Tea Shop brings a slice of the outdoors indoors. Enjoy a morning brew with some fresh air and scenery.

A8 Cafe, above, has an extensive bookshelf where patrons can share books. Also, the owner is a singer and famous people are always dropping by. A great hangout spot for artists of all kinds.

Cafe Showroom above is also an art gallery! Discuss the latest paintings with a friend as you walk around.

Barbie Cafe. Oh yes, a Barbie themed cafe! All things barbie, all the time!

Two Fish Cafe is right in the mist of multiple universities and a great place to talk philosophy with students and professors on the off hours. Also a great place to study and feel like you live in a tree!