Taiwan (officially Republic of China) has become the first country in Asia to recognize marriage equality. The surprising news comes after years of hard work by local activists, and the impact is far reaching. Can same-sex couples legally marry now? And, will T-dramaland catch up to the new wave?

Taiwanese residents enjoy a vibrant democratic society that has made giant strides in civil rights, but marriage equality remains an issue that pits different groups in contentious disputes. The differing dissent probably won't go away soon, but the country's high court has spoken and set a new direction.

On May 24, the Constitutional Court ruled that the laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, and it ordered the parliament to amend the civil code within two years to comply with the new ruling. As activists and LGBT-rights supporters cheered, Taiwan made headline news with its landmark decision.

However, same-sex couples may still have to wait two years for the civil code to be amended to fully accommodate jurisdiction regarding marriage equality. The good news for them is that, if the legislature doesn't complete the necessary amendments in time, then same-sex marriage will be automatically legalized when the two-year limit is reached. Also, it is possible that the legislature may speed up the process and finish before the due date, as pressures from the younger voting public is mounting?

Beyond the far-reaching decision that propelled Taiwan to headline news, T-dramas may see a new wave of same-sex romances. 

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Zero Chou (Zhou Meiling), an award-winning Taiwanese director and screenwriter, has been planning a series of LGBT-themed works under the title of "Over the Rainbow." According to her, the rise of digital platforms has helped her market her productions, which in the past were difficult to get distributed via traditional channels. Two latest "Over the Rainbow" movies, The Substitute and We are Gamily, will be released in July from the director, who has praised Taiwan as the lighthouse for LGBT activism.

Beyond Taiwan's historical decision, will other Asian countries follow suit? Time will tell as societies change and transform.

What do you think about Taiwan's historical decision?

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