Fundraising must be hard in Taiwan for the rugby sport! Someone thought of the idea for a calendar of nude almost nude, very fit rugby players. The 2014 calendar must have been popular, so they are doing it again for 2015. We have photos and the making-of video to watch. (Viewer discretion recommended)

On their official site, the players proclaim: “We may be wild on the field, but we are also handsome in front of the camera! We aren't like clean-cut models who only pose. We are bold rugby players with fiery passions!” 

Here are some pages from the 2014 calendar.

They are currently accepting pre-orders, and the latest post is that they are "adjusting colors with the printing firm."  So the final product is in colors. The black-and-white version is for "sampling." 

Before we check out some of these samples, the players also promise that they follow a 3-No principle: "No sensationalism. No artificial posing. No photoshopping."

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And, here's the making-of video, with a caption that says, "We play rugby. We have healthy butts." (Caution: Watch at your discretion.)

Good news for international buyers. Here's what they say on their site: "We have received some orders from overseas. Please wait for the reply. We have to confirm the delivery fee."

Before you order, it's probably best to confirm with them what exactly you are getting. Apparently there are 2 versions to the calendar, one with trunks and one without.