Fireworks exploded over the Taiwanese capital of Taipei at midnight as the city celebrated the arrival of 2016. Residents rang in the New Year with a roughly five-minute-long fireworks display that exploded from Taiwan's tallest skyscraper, the landmark Taipei 101. The show was aired on the broadcaster Sanlih.

Across Taiwan, partygoers flocked to countdown events for stars that performed hit songs and for fireworks shows that broke out at midnight. Taipei's rapid transit system carried more than 3 million passengers to and from the Taipei 101 vicinity for the 2016 countdown party. 

The 238-second, 30,000-round fireworks show featured images of flowers, flying birds, trees, and animals. It was the longest fireworks show in the history of the skyscraper. The show turned into a visual feast, brightening the skies of Taipei. Check out those amazing photos of the fireworks.