Aaron Yan gave the bride a surprise gift. Bromance's Megan Lai and Baron Chen made a handsome pair. The occasion was the wedding of Beatrice Fang and Yang Ming Wei, whose many starry friends showed up at the happy event like it was a drama award night. Take a look at these highlights!

Beatrice and Ming Wei both have very open personalities and have made many friends throughout their acting careers. They rushed to get married last April via registration and their baby was born a few months later in August. Now, they're finally ready for the weeding, which took place on January 13 with many romantic moments. 

1. The theme was based on a fantasy playland where you would find unicorns, carousel, and more, with pink as the main color. 

2. Aaron Yan and Tia Li came in holding hands. (Tia is reportedly dating singer-actor Kai Ko.)

Aaron Yan was the designated matchmaker because the wedding couple started dating when they co-starred on Fall In Love With Me. Model-actress Jenna Wang is also in the photo on the right.

3. Bromance stars Baron Chen and Megan Lai also showed up and looked as handsome as they do on air. Megan seems to be staying in character and attracting female attention. Their gender bender drama continues to lead as the top hit drama in Taiwan. 

4. Hannah Quinlivan and Jay ChouBeatrice's close personal friends, also came, but they reportedly left shortly after because they were keeping their appearance low-key. (Dark glasses certainly help!)

5. Joanne Tseng and Melvin Sia, Beatrice's Dear Mom co-stars, showed up together. Fans remember them fondly and still refer to them as a couple. Joanne is currently battling her "frenemyAlice Ke in Marry Me or Not?

6. What was the special gift that Aaron Yan gave to Beatrice Fang?

When the bride expressed an interest getting a pair of glittering high heels for the special occasion, she found out the high cost and backed off. Aaron decided to give the fancy pumps as a gift. Doesn't he just melt your heart?

7. Let's not forget the 2 main stars of the wedding, Beatrice Fang and Yang Ming Wei. The lovely couple made their grand entrance with the groom holding their baby daughter, Mia. 

8. What they said to each other: Beatrice said to her husband, "I've wanted 100 different kinds of weddings. Now that I have you, the happiness that I feel every day is enough for a lifetime." Ming Wei said to his wife, "You will always be my number one, and next is Mia. Do not ever be afraid that I won't love you because I will love you even more." His touching words brought tears to Beatrice. 

9. Bride and Groom sang the love song "1/2 One Out Of Love," originally sung by Aaron Yan and G.NA as the opening theme song for Fall In Love With Me,.

Edit: Here is the video where you can see them singing:

10. Two more photos because they are so cute together!

Congratulations to Beatrice, Ming Wei, and Mia! May you live happily ever after!

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