It's been 11 years since Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng rose to fame with It Started With A Kiss, the popular drama that was adapted from the famous Japanese manga Itazura na KissApparently it's time for a remake. Take a look at the cute new stars who will lead in the remake.

Wu Hsin-Ti (Esther) plays the girl. She is very cute and has made many commercials. The 23-year-old actress started acting in 2012, and has been active in support roles, such as in the recent Taiwanese dramas Bromance and Marry Me or Not?

Idol singer Dino Lee plays the smart student with an IQ of 200. He rose to fame in last year's popular movie, Our Times. The 23-year-old singer has written many popular songs, and has won popular music awards.

The two young stars had not worked together before. In the press conference for the new remake, they were very lively and open in their interactions, as you'll see in the following video.

During the interview, Dino Lee admitted to feeling under pressure because the previous Taiwanese version was so successful. He also doesn't want to copy what Joe Cheng did, so he is only reading the manga and watching the anime.

Wu Hsin-Ti said that she and Dino did not known each other previously, and she initially thought he was the tall, handsome, and cool type. Dino immediately turned to her, saying, "I am like that!"

When a reporter teased her that she'll be giving her first on-screen kiss to Dino, Hsin-Ti turned to Dino and said, "Please cherish it." He replied, "It'll be worth it," and added that he'll take care of them, pointing at his lips. Everyone laughed.

The reporter wanted to know how he would take care of his mouth. He said he didn't know. Maybe just chew some gums. 

The two young stars look really cute together.

Counting all the adaptations already made in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, the new remake will be the 9th time that the famous Japanese manga series has been adapted to live-action drama.

The new drama will contain 13 episodes. The director promised that the story will be closer to the original manga and audience will be very satisfied.

Will you be interested in watching it?

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