This just may be the most impossible law to enforce in the history of law enforcement. Parents in Taiwan will now be fined up to 1,595 US dollars for letting their children use their smartphones and other electronic devices too long.

Most responsible parents can agree that letting a child with a developing mind play on their phones incessantly, with no time limits or restrictions, is probably a bad idea. Not only does excessive smartphone use at a young age prevent necessary physical activity, but it also has the potential to stunt the child's social skills and creativity.

To deal with this issue, the government of Taiwan has decided to do something, and something pretty drastic to boot. They just enacted a new law, which fines parents for not restricting their children's usage of electronic devices. Parents of these device-addicted kids will be fined up to 1595 US dollars if their kid (between 6 and 18) stays playing games or staying on their smartphones for more than 30 minutes at a time. Parents are understandably up in arms over this new law, not appreciating that someone else, government or not, is telling them how to raise their kids, and essentially invading their space.

As one annoyed parent asked, "It's a joke. How are they going to enforce this law?" So far, no word from Taiwanese officials.