In A Good Way has continued its rise in ratings and clinched the #1 spot on Friday nights. Recently, the four leads had a fan meet in Taipei, and more than 700 fans came, including some very special surprise guests.

With Kirsten Ren (Jia En), Lego Lee (Liu Chuan), Smile Wen (Bai Sue), and Ren Wei (Jay Shi) standing on stage, it was announced that a pair of their #1 fans was coming on stage to visit them. They turned out to be Kirsten Ren's real-life parents. They were not shy on stage at all. Kirsten said her mom jumps up and down when she watches the drama, saying her daughter really takes after her. Kirsten's dad then said he made a contribution to having their daughter too!

Kirsten Ren (Jia En) was so affected by the presence of her parents and the warm enthusiasm from the fans that she shed tears a few times. Lego Lee (Liu Chuan) said he's actually afraid of big crowds. With his increasing idol status, his biggest problem now is how to handle events where he is with a lot of people. He even said he lives a very boring life and sometimes stays home for three days straight.

In the story, Jay Shi's character, Ren Wei, is an ardent admirer of Bai Xue, who only has eyes for Lego Lee's Liu Chuan. Jay Shi said he would not be clinging like Ren Wei at all in real life. He would rather use cooking and help with transportation to impress his love interest. Smile Weng (Bai Xue) also said she would not like a clinging pursuer, and would be moved by sincere actions instead. She even said Jay Shi's eye are no less charming and magnetic than Lego Lee's. She went on to say, "Jay Shi's hair looks cool even when it's messy!"