Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin surprised everyone when they admitted they were dating on May 20, and then shocked everyone again when they announced wedding plans for July 31, but a Taiwanese fortune teller claims he predicted the wedding, and he can prove it. Say what?

Chan Wei-Chung is perhaps best described as a celebrity fortune teller. He is frequently on variety entertainment programs on Taiwanese TV, and loves to tout his successful predictions and advice about famous people. He is actually self taught in the art of traditional Chinese astrology, and he says his predictions are based on a combination of birth dates, Chinese astrology, physiognomy (face reading), and destined directions.

He recently reminded viewers that back in early June, he gave the following forecast on a TV program about Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin's prospects for their romantic relationship.

In that program, he said that if the two stars marry this year, they will have a happy marriage and can expect a child or children, but if they don't marry this year, they'll definitely separate by the end of 2017. 

His prediction stunned the audience at the time, because Wallace and Ruby had just announced their dating relationship on May 20. Fans really wished for a happy future for them. Until the recent surprise announcement, the two stars had said that they were too busy to consider marriage until next year.

Do you think Wallace and Ruby are getting married because this fortune teller is right? Or, maybe as the stars have said, they found matching spare time in their busy schedules to get married. And, of course, tabloid news outlets are already in hot pursuit to capture any (real or perceived) images of Ruby with a budding baby bump.

Maybe it is destiny that the Imperial Doctress's Emperor is getting married to the the original My Fair Princess Ruby Lin.

Ultimately, we just want to wish the best for the two stars who finally turned their 10-year friendship into romance and will seal their love on July 31 by getting married in Bali.

What about you? Do you seek astrological advice about your crush or significant relationship?


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