New Year's Eve turns into Halloween in Taiwan for customers of certain McDonald's franchises who are greeted by workers dressed up in everything but McDonald's uniforms.

On New Year's Eve of 2013, workers at a McDonald's in Taiwan dressed up in maids outfits, and delighted customers tweeted photos of the cute maids serving them their last burgers and fries of the year, and a number of online news sites picked up the story. This last New Year's Eve, workers at other McDonald franchises followed suit, taking part in a sales competition fueled by the workers' cosplay. The entire event was sanctioned by headquarters, and New Year's Eve at a number of McDonald's franchises turned into costume parties. Who knew McDonald's could be so fun?

With maids, flight attendants, high school girls in uniform, Dragon Ball characters, Chucky, and more leading the way, McDonald's in Taiwan was the place to be for many on New Year's Eve.  

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McDonald's maids here to serve you

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