After famous Taiwanese musician-actor Jay Chou married his sweetheart Hannah Quinlivan in a secret romantic wedding in England, the ever-inquisitive Taiwanese media started wondering whether Hannah is pregnant after they captured her wearing flat-heeled shoes in recent photos. On April 3, Jay Chou confirmed the happy news by posting two new photos.

Jay Chou posted these two photos showing the pregnant Hannah, while he himself hid a basketball under his shirt. He wrote, "Let's see who can carry a ball better when walking."

Jay did not reveal how long Hannah has been pregnant or the baby's gender. The traditional custom is to not make an announcement until three months into the pregnancy.

Fans are speculating that Hannah is carrying a boy, judging from the shape of her tummy. Before he was married, Jay Chou had said he preferred a boy. He also said he wanted a baby soon so that he wouldn't be too old to play with his child. According to Hannah, Jay Chou has been playing the guitar for the baby to listen to from the womb. 

They are such a cute couple. Can you imagine how cute the baby will be?

Congratulations to Jay and Hannah!

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