Many Asian celebrities and stars have enjoyed visiting Europe for vacation or photo shoots, but famous Taiwanese musician Jay Chou may have set a new standard with his romantic wedding in a historic abbey at a quaint village in Yorkshire, England. The wedding was also shrouded in mystery as the Taiwanese superstar eluded the paparazzi's web and essentially directed the secret wedding according to his own unique design. (Photos and video inside the article)

Ever since Jay Chou rose to fame in his break-out music album, he's impressed the Chinese-language music world with his genius and creativity in songwriting and singing. He also branched out into acting, directing, and nurturing rising stars in the entertainment world. Jay Chou has had a string of high-profile romances, but nothing matches the final romance that ultimately convinced the bachelor to marry.

He met 21-year-old Australian-Taiwanese model Hannah Quinlivan four years ago. Their friendship blossomed into romance. Nothing quite escapes the eagle-eyed paparazzi in Taiwan, but he only officially confirmed their dating relationship over a year ago. He also announced that he would get married when he's 35. When the wedding plan was revealed recently, there were many speculations about the location, the date, and how. So began a cat-and-mouse chase.

Jay only invited family members and very close friends. The guests arrived in England without knowing the exact location. When they reached Selby, the little village in Yorkshire, they were told the wedding date was going to be shifted a day early, on the day before Jay's 36th birthday on January 18. He met his promise to marry when he was 35!

Here we have the photos from Selby Abbey, in what many in Taiwan have proclaimed as the wedding of the century. The wedding's theme color is pink, but the most striking image may be the heart-shaped design in a symbol for love on the back of the beautiful bride's exquisite gown.

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As Hannah's father handed Hannah to Jay in the ceremonial change of hands, the lovebirds marched towards the altar to a new score composed by Jay and performed by a 20-member chamber orchestra. Many guests cried at the touching ceremony, especially when they said "I do" to each other.

Here is the beautiful wedding in a video that was made under Jay's direction. Is there anything this man can't do?

Romantic photos from a European photo shoot for the wedding were also released to show the lovebirds in breathtaking locations in Paris, Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle, and Prague.

After the wedding, the happy couple and all the guests went to the nearby Castle Howard to enjoy a banquet. The entire event went off without a hitch. The couple have reportedly set a goal to have a baby for the Chinese Year of Sheep (2015). Jay will stay in England to film his new movie and will hold a wedding banquet when he returns to Taiwan in March.

Congratulations to the happy couple! 

~ NancyZdramaland

By the way, I'm avoiding talking about the cost of the wedding. Jay Chou started out as a struggling musician, and many singers actually rejected the songs he composed, saying they were strange. He eventually made his own album, titled Jay, and became famous. So I think he deserves to spend however much he wants on his one and only wedding.