While we may have gotten used to the outrageous personal styles and fashion we witness on the streets everyday, the same can't be said for the pets we see, who more or less just get a simple grooming every so often when their owners deem it necessary. But a pet salon in Taiwan is taking pet grooming to the extreme, by transforming people's pets into the most stylish animals anyone's ever seen.

With all the attention pets get when out on the streets with their owners, you would think that more salons (and owners) would have thought of this over-the-top personal grooming a long time ago. Igogo, a pet salon in Tainan, a city on Taiwan's southwest coast, specializes in styling and grooming your pet with any pattern you like. Unfortunately, the pet's have no say in what look they're given, but the owners do have the choice to give their pets a look that they know the creatures would appreciate. For example, if your dog loves munching on his bone treats, then a cute bone pattern on his back might be something he would like. But pet owners are sometimes in it for themselves, as seen by the Hello Kitty, Air Jordan, and even Lexus patterns on some of the pets in the photos below. 

Apparently, not all pets enjoy the process, possibly aware of what's being done to them. "The dog itself and its cooperation determine the result," said head pet groomer Lee Mei-chen. That's not too surprising. If someone was holding me down so they could shave a Hello Kitty logo on my head, I probably wouldn't be cooperating either. Now if it was the Air Jordan one . . . 

The stylish pets of Taiwan:


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