Shin is a famous Taiwanese singer-songwriter who is competing in the Chinese reality show I Am a Singer, where professional singers are the contestants. He stayed true to his rocker style while singing PSY's famous "Gangnam Style," and the audience loved it. Watch the video and compare with PSY's own stage performance.

Shin is well known for his powerful voice and vocal range. He can hit the high notes as if he were singing an opera aria.

For comparison, I found a PSY performance on stage.

It's been a few years since PSY burst into the music world with "Gangnam Style," and it's still fun to watch and listen.

What do you think about the two famous singers performing the same song? I like it that Shin infused the song with his own unique rock style and sound. The song really brings out the high energy from the singers and the crowd.

The Chinese reality show I Am a Singer is based on the Korean show of the same name. Season 4 is currently on air, and we wish the best of luck for Shin

~ NancyZdramaland


The 25th Seoul Music Awards

Starring Lee Ha Nui and Lee Won Geun

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