This singing toilet, invented by a Taiwanese high-school team to help young children's toilet training, has just won an award for inventions at the Nuremberg's International Trade Fair .

The innovative toilet seat is designed to help a young child's toilet training. If a child sits down crooked, the seat will say, "You are sitting crooked." When a child sits on the seat correctly, a song will play. The tunes are MP3 files that can be changed. The goal is to make going to the toilet more fun for a young child and not be a stressful event.

This reminds us of the famous and sophisticated Japanese toilets that will warm the seat for you, rinse you with warm or cold water, and probably do a hundred other things for you. But I'd bet that one still doesn't toilet train your young child. Time for the Japanese toilet maker to call the Taiwanese high-school students!

It seems even adults may enjoy listening to their favorite tunes while reading in the bathroom. What do you think?