Just five months ago, Taiwanese singer-actor Chris Wang wrote an emotional letter online to confess his secret relationship with his agent/manager, Xiaoxian, and he disclosed that she was pregnant. On April 9, Chris became a father as his fiancee gave birth to a baby daughter. Here are more photos of the happy father with the newborn, and find out what Chris wrote in another online post.

Back in October last year, Chris Wang posted a sonogram along with his emotion-laden letter. This time, the 32-year-old new father could not contain his happiness as he posted the photo displaying the 7.5-lb baby's tiny and beautiful hand, and he wrote the fllowing:

"My darling Guen Guen was safely born last night! Mother and daughter are both well. I'm deeply touched! I appreciate everyone's concern during this time, and would like to share the long-awaited joy with everyone."

Guen Guen is a nickname meaning "rolling around." Is Chris anticipating rolling around and playing with his beloved baby? Fans are delighted by the new photos and have posted well wishes.

Chris was previously asked about future baby plans, and he replied that he wanted more children and soon because he didn't want the children to be separated by too many years in age. Chris also hopes his daughter will become an optimistic, self-confident, and happy girl who will take after him in pursuing adventures.

Perhaps we can see a beautiful wedding first? Although Chris is not officially married yet, news media and friends are already referring to Xiaoxian as his wife. Chris did say that after the requisite post-natal care, traditionally a month, he and Xiaoxian will marry in May. 

For the immediate future, he will spend more time with his family, but he is also reviewing scripts and expects to have a new drama during the second half of the year. In the meantime, Aim High, his romantic comedy that just concluded recently, is enjoying brisk demand by international audiences.

Congratulations to Chris and Xiaoxian for their new baby daughter!