Lovely Taiwanese actress Yang Ko-Han and her handsome co-star Chang Ting-Hu's on-screen love turned into real-life romance. Unfortunately, fans did not learn of their romance until it was reported that Yang Ko-Han had committed suicide.

Although she was initially saved by her boyfriend, Yang Ko-Han died 12 days after her attempted suicide by hanging, dashing her loved ones' hope. Once her suicide was reported, it was also revealed that her boyfriend was actor Chang Ting-Hu, her leading man in the drama A New World. Yang and Chang's on-screen chemistry was so strong that fans already speculated on a possible real-life romance.

Nicknamed "Rabbit," the cute and lovely Yang Ko-Han was generally regarded as an excellent and dedicated actress on the rise. She started her entertainment career in 2005, beginning as a regular on a variety program. She acted in support roles in dramas such as Office Girls and Summer's Desire, and eventually moved up to lead roles in recent years. 

Unfortunately, Yang had suffered depression for years and reportedly had attempted suicide once before. The real-life romance was not a cause for her depression, as her last words indicated that she was depressed over a lack of recognition for her acting. 

Her boyfriend, 24-year old actor Chang Ting-Hu, was serving his military duty at an alternate civilian post. He was very distraught over her death. He kept crying, asking why she left him. He lost significant weight while waiting for Yang to regain consciousness. Concerned friends and fellow stars have extended well wishes, hoping to prevent another tragic loss.

He later wrote a long and heart-wrenching post on FB about that fateful day and how he had wanted to take the high-speed train to return home, but she told him to take the bus. He wanted to talk on the phone more, but she told him to wait until he got home. He blamed himself for following what she asked. He promised that he would fight for her in the next Golden Bell Award (Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy) for her to win based on her last drama Life of Pearl, which just completed its broadcast in early July.

Yang Ko-Han was 27. She was found on July 6 and passed away on July 18, and her funeral service was on August 4. Her family donated her organs according to her last wishes and her cremated remains will rest next to her grandparents. Aside from leaving her two cats to friends, she left her beloved dog Kin Kin with her boyfriend. 

We outsiders who do not know the stars in person tend to think they live an enviable life of glitter and shine, but in reality, stars are people too. Just like the rest of us, they can get sick, they want to love and be loved, and they want to be happy in what they do. On the surface, Yang Ko-Han had a boyfriend who loved her and her career appeared to be rising. We will never quite understand but will sympathize with the inner conflicts and suffering which were causing her pain. At the same time, we hope anyone feeling depressed and hurt will share their pain with their loved ones and seek help.

Rest in peace, little rabbit Yang Ko-Han, may you find tranquility and comfort in Heaven.

~ NancyZdramaland

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