A cute couple just got married in Taipei, Taiwan, and the groom's friends arranged for a bridal procession of 100 vans. It's considered a great compliment to the bride. When I told my American friend about this story, instead of feeling delighted as I was, he was horrified. Why?

I suppose it is the difference between East and West, or maybe Venus versus Mars?  

I focused on the romantic side of this news. The happy couple look young but have known each other for 25 years. He first fell for her in middle school but was rejected. They met each other again 3 years ago, and his pursuit finally resulted in success.

The groom belongs to a club called T5 Club where the members own these large vans good for business and travel. Many members volunteered from all over Taiwan to join his wedding procession. By tradition, this procession is when they go pick up the bride for the wedding. The grander the procession, the better it looks for the groom and bride. They originally planned for just 30 vehicles, but 100 vehicles showed up. 

Nice story, right? I told my friend I was going to write about it because it's such a delightful, happy news.

My friend disagreed.

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My friend thinks it's really wasteful to have 100 vehicles burn gasoline just for a wedding, and these vans aren't anything spectacularly beautiful to look at.

Oh, I'm crushed. I never even considered that perspective. Actually, he really did raise a good point. In Taipei, they have banned plastic grocery bags. You have to bring your own shopping bags or you get to carry groceries home by hand. A famous old temple recently discontinued the age-old tradition of burning incense to lessen the impact of global warming/climate change. But a hundred vans could probably set all that effort back in one day.

Still, I think for such a special occasion, their original plan for 30 vehicles should have been fine, and they didn't know extra vehicles were showing up. Besides, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What do you think? Am I right, or my friend is right?