DramaFever is pleased to present Absolute Boyfriend, the Taiwanese live-action adaption of the Japanese manga novel Zettai Kareshi by Yuu Watase. The romance comedy series stars Gu Hye Sun and Jiro Wang, and it will start on October 9. 


Gu Hye Sun and Jiro Wang star in this adaptation of the beloved Japanese manga Zettai Kareshi. When Xiao Fei (Gu Hye Sun) orders a "love figure," she forgets to return him before her 3-day trial is over. Now stuck with a handsome, perfect android man (Jiro Wang), Xiao Fei must figure out how to pay off the payment and hide her embarrassingly beautiful secret.

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Gu Hye Sun: The multi-talented actress became well known throughout Asian countries when she starred in the Korean drama series Boys Over Flowers. She became very popular in Taiwan and was invited there to film the manga-based drama series. She plays Xiao Fei, who has never had a boyfriend and thirsts for love.

Jiro Wang: The singer-actor started his career as a model and became a member of the popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, which also includes Aaron Yan. He plays Ni Te, the android man who arrives preprogrammed to be the ideal match to fall in love with Gu Hye Sun's character. But first, he needs to find some clothes.

The Taiwanese live-action adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend has 20 episodes. Also known as Absolute Darling, the romance comedy series was broadcast in Taiwan in 2012. Check out the first episode on October 9 and visit HERE to sign up for new episode alerts.

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