The DramaFever offices were abuzz today with the arrival of some very special guests! Taiwanese pop group Da Mouth continued a string of hits this year by performing on the OSTs for Tdrama hits Ti Amo Chocolate (starring Van Ness Wu) and Fondant Garden. They are in New York City to perform at the CMJ Taiwan Music Festival, and they graciously came by to sit down for an interview (to be heard in this week's DramaFever Coffee Break podcast). Eyeing the office ping pong table, the group decided to play a few rounds! Here's Harry Zhang (who you may remember as MY QUEEN's lollipop-obsessed playboy, or for his role in AUTUMN'S CONCERTO) and Aisa (star of Meteor Rain, the sequel to Taiwan's Boys Over Flowers), focused like lasers on the game. Here are their bandmates and ping pong opponents, MC 40 and DJ Chung-Hua. As you can see, Da Mouth shook off any hint of jet lag and attacked the ball again and again! Even when DramaFever's resident ping pong champ Bobby tagged in for Aisa, MC 40, DJ Chung-Hua and Harry put up a fight. The DramaFever staff gathered around to watch the match. Usually, office ping pong games don't get this much of an audience! All in all, it was a really cool afternoon, and we were very happy to get the chance to meet Da Mouth. Check back tomorrow (or subscribe here) to hear our big interview with the band on this week's DramaFever Coffee Break podcast! Thanks to Da Mouth for hanging out with us! If you're in the NYC area, don't miss Da Mouth's FREE concert on Thursday, October 18th 2012. Click here for more details.