After photos of what most believe to be the hottest bean curd seller in Taiwan surfaced last week, netizens were anxious to find out his real identity. At last, the gorgeous flower boy who was rumored to be helping out at his family's shop has been identified as a budding promotional model named Yi Tin Chen!

Yi Tin Chen is 26 years old and was once the captain of his college basketball team in Taipei. Some media outlets speculate that his working at the bean curd shop is part of a publicity stunt, but his agency has denied these rumors. Regardless, I hope his newfound popularity will lead him to great things!

Even better, since we now know his real identity, many more photos of this beautiful man are available!

Warning: He's gorgeous!

In addition to his modeling photos, Yi Tin Chen also posts plenty of photos of his daily life on Facebook. Don't you wish your own selfies could look so flawless?

What do you think of Taiwan's hottest part-time bean curd seller? Are you surprised by his real identity? I know this is almost impossible, but which photo is your favorite? 

Let's wish Yi Tin Chen the best of luck in his future endeavors!

If you want to see even more of his eye candy, you can check out his Facebook page!

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