Japanese companies always have a way of coming up with creative promotions to interest consumers, but it's not that easy to impress them anymore, especially after years of them being exposed to one wacky promotion after another. The new promotion from KFC Japan, though, has gotten some attention.

How can anyone not notice a promotion like this? In their latest attempt to promote fried chicken, KFC Japan has started a gift campaign. They are promoting two gifts by giving out coupons and randomly selecting a winner at a later date. These gifts are a fried chicken iPhone case and a fried chicken pillow that can also be used as a fried chicken costume for your head. Both of these don't look practical at all, just hilarious. These presents have many wondering if the people over at KFC Japan have completely lost their marbles. But for collectors, these presents are to die for, as KFC is only giving out one each. The odds of winning either of them are slim, but all those who want to own a fried chicken iPhone case or pillow should get themselves to a KFC.

There are only three days left until the end of the promotion. Still got time if you can get on a plane tonight!

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