The new K-drama Aftermath is coming next week to DramaFever, and we have thrilling sneak peaks for your viewing pleasure. Aftermath is a supernatural crime drama based on a popular Naver webtoon. Dongjun of the Korean boy band ZE:A plays Ahn Dae Yong, a quiet high school student who, after an accident, wakes up with a sixth sense ability to predict who is a murderer and who is about to die. Ahn Dae Yong decides to use this power to save lives and fight murderous villains, becoming an unexpected hero. The trailers and behind the scenes clips promise Aftermath will be a captivating story of murder, mystery, and love that you won't want to miss.

Teaser 1:

Dongjun perfectly acts out the role of a male lead whose shy demeanor unexpectedly turns into a strong force against evil. The makeup, music, and cinematography give this show a surreal, creepy vibe, and the villain looks like someone we'll love to hate.

Teaser 2:

The show promises to be packed with action and mystery that will keep you pushing the "next" button every ten minutes until your teacher takes your smartphone away (but luckily the chances of you getting caught are smaller because Korean dramas= subtitles!)

Behind the Scenes: Kiss Scene

Awww! This couple is really cute. I already love the chemistry between the female lead, played by Kim Ri Ah, and Dongjun.

Behind the Scenes: Poster Shoot

It's fun to see the cast getting into their roles. I think I'm the most excited about the villain! Isn't he pretty scary?

OST Music Video:

Oh no! Looks like our cute little OTP is going to run into some major setbacks and tears (but what else did you expect, really?). And this beautifully sad OST is already making me gaze and reminisce about all my own long lost loves. I can't wait to see how all their romantic moments play out!

Doesn't it look good? I, for one, will definitely be tuning in (possibly sneak-watching episodes on my phone in the bathroom at work for 10 minute intervals). Get ready for the action and suspense next week and sign up HERE for Aftermath episode alerts!