It's the holiday season now, and it's also time for the college students to have some party fun on the popular Taiwanese drama, In A Good Way. Will we see some surprise revelations when the music starts?

For young college students who have just emerged from years of diligent studies to pass the tortuous college entrance exam in Taiwan, their college life is not just about studying but also about meeting new friends and enjoying more social activities. This is the era when shyness meets freedom. Having a dance party is certainly a great way for young men and women to meet and have fun at the same time.

In episode 5, Liu Chuan (Lego Lee) made it in time to help Jia En (Kirsten Ren) pass her dance class test. Will they get to dance together at the Christmas party? Although Jia En still seems naive and innocent about their budding romance, Liu Chuan is starting to be aware of his own special feelings toward Jia En. But being the more reserved person that he is because of his mysterious family background, will Liu Chuan give in to his feelings or will he stay inscrutable?

What about Ren Wei's pursuit of the lovely Bai Xue? Here, Bai Xue (Smile Weng) is dressed in the cutest Santa-red dress. She's only had eyes for Liu Chuan for a long time, but has been too shy to reveal her own feelings. Is Ren Wei (Jay Shi) making progress to finally make her notice and appreciate him? What else will he try to do to impress his love at first sight?

In A Good Way's next episode will be released on DramaFever this weekend. Let's play some holiday songs while we wait. By the way, I used to love dancing the Jitterbug too, but I never had a dance partner as lovable as Lego Lee or as cute as Jay Shi. Sigh!