KARA’s doll-like member Goo Hara recently fainted during a performance in Japan. Apparently she was suffering from exhaustion and because of “mild dizziness” fainted on stage. Her agency DSP Media assured she was just fine after being treated backstage. Goo Hara later returned to the stage and finished the show without further issue.

Idols fainting on stage is nothing new in the K-POP world; even Heirs star Krystal fainted during a performance with F(x) like two years ago. They all need to get more rest, but I did once hear from KARA on a show or in an article that allegedly on performance days they won’t eat anything at all until after their stage. This is so their stomachs look completely flat while on stage in tiny outfits.

This may or may not be one reason Goo Hara fainted, but who really knows? Hopefully she’ll stay healthy for the rest of KARA’s current Japanese tour.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE