Halloween might be over, but K-pop cosplays are forever. In this month's Talent Thursdays challenge, Mister Popo and DramaFever are challenging you to do your best K-pop idol impressions! 

What happens when members of a failed rock band become farmers instead? Find out in Lee Hong Ki’s comedy drama Modern Farmer

Here are the three parts to the challenge:

1. Cosplay as any K-pop idol.

2. Answer the following question: If you were in a K-pop group, what would you do if your group disbanded? Use your creativity to come up with ways to continue your music and make a living!

3. Give us your best impression of the idol you cosplay as. Some examples: parody, singing, dancing, mimicking the idol's most famous line, etc.

Include all three parts in a video and send it to us at talentthursdays@gmail.com. The best cosplayer will be featured on the next Talent Thursday! The deadline for this challenge is Tuesday, November 18, 10 A.M. EST.

We're looking forward to those submissions!