She's done it again. An artist known as Sakimichan, who has been gaining recognition for depicting famous pop culture figures in her own unique style, recreated our favorite Dragon Ball Z couples as young adults totally crushing on each other, and the frisky portraits are dazzling to say the least.

We usually don't associate Dragon Ball characters with sexiness, or with romance for that matter, but there probably is more to their lives than meets the eye. Sakimichan, whose artwork has always been about giving her subjects a more seductive appearance than they usually have, created depictions of three couples from the iconic anime and showed them being about as sensual as you'll ever see them. 

The three couples are Goku and his wife Chichi, Vegeta and Bulma and Krillin and Android 18. As you can see, they are all young, sexy, and madly in love. What's amazing about Sakimichan's artwork is that, in a way, she makes them look almost realistic enough that you can imagine what it would be like if her characters actually existed in the world we live in today. And that is always fun to imagine with any of your favorite fictional characters.

If you go to her Instagram at, you can see even more of her amazing work. 

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