Popular singer-actor Huang Zitao (aka Tao) and the star of The Negotiator recently stunned his fans when he announced that he would "disappear" from the entertainment world. What happened?

Ever since the former EXO member turned solo in 2015, Tao has been on a fast-charging trajectory to expand his career in China as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor. With his songs topping the charts, he has been awarded with various accolades such as Most Influential Male Singer and All-Around Artist. And, let's not forget his lookalike that he unveiled at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.

In addition to The Negotiator that was released earlier this year, Tao starred in martial arts film The Game Changer, romantic thriller Edge of Innocence, and web drama A Chinese Odyssey: Love You A Million Years, in 2017. He also leads the cast in the dramas The Brightest Star in the Sky and Yan Shi Fan: New Youth, which are slated to be released in 2018.

He further expanded into variety entertainment by joining Street Dance of China, a dance-oriented variety show. For the last three months, he was the Head Producer and MC on the Chinese version of Produce 101, a talent competition franchise from South Korea.

With such a hectic schedule and busy life, the stunning announcement from Z.Tao (Tao's new stage name) is not that surprising.

On June 24, after the season's last episode of Produce 101, he posted the surprise announcement:

"Everything is finished, and everything will begin again. Ever since the latter half of 2017 to now... at this moment, I can finally put down the phone, put away the script, skip dancing, not carry the 'producer' business card again, leave this noisy city, go to a place where no one will interrupt me so that I can quietly rest and make music."

He explained that he felt he didn't do his best for the talent competitors during the show's creation phase, while he simultaneously had to fulfill his other commitments. He also expressed a heartfelt gratitude by saying, "Thanks to the strong opponents whose presence has made me not slack off for a single moment. I'm thankful that I live in our present era."

Finally, he said, "Please allow me to disappear for a long time. Farewell to the entertainment world that belongs to all of you. I'm going to rest."

After the initial shock, fans are posting encouraging comments to support him.

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Tao is only 25 and his future is limitless. It's actually quite smart for the talented young artist to recognize the need to take a break in order to refocus and rejuvenate.

See you again soon, Tao!


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