tazza_newsTazza (also known as War of Flowers) is the second installment in SBS's trilogy of dramas based on the work of popular cartoonist Huh Young Man (the others being Gourmet and I Love You). Headed by a high-profile cast including Jang Hyuk (Thank You, Robbers), Han Ye Seul (Couple or Trouble), and Kim Min Joon (Friend, Our Legend), it drew solid ratings and pulled in four awards at the 2008 SBS Drama awards.

When Kim Go Ni's father, a small-time gambler, dies after losing his family's savings at the hands of Ah Gwi (Kim Gab Soo), a notorious and feared gambler, his last words to his son are "Always win." Fast-forward some years later, and Go Ni is a teenage delinquent more than ready to gamble on anything that comes his way. When he meets Young Min (Kim Min Joon) in a pool house brawl, the two become best friends and fellow troublemakers. Go Ni later introduces Young-min to his girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, Nan Sook (Han Ye Seul). The three are quickly torn apart when tragedy strikes, and Go Ni, believing himself estranged from his family and his best friend, takes off on his own. Left behind, Nan Sook and Young Min are both seized and taken away by gamblers to whom they owe a debt.tazza_go_ni

Years later, Go Ni is apprenticed to a master tazza, or cardshark. Meanwhile Nan Sook is a virtual prisoner to a gambling ring led by Ah Gwi, forced to use her beauty and skill to ensnare men for Ah Gwi's purposes. Young Min has become Ah Gwi's right-hand man. When the three meet again, secrets, lies, and deceptions swirl. In this world of high-stakes gambling where lives are bet on the turn of the dice or the twists of a card game, all three will come face to face with their worst fears.

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