You'll always remember a cool teacher. For me it was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Kalinowski who used to reward good work by letting us hangout with a stuffed Garfield and Odie.

I'll always remember how fun her classes and lesson plans were, and something tells me that students at this school in Bangkok, Thailand will never forget their teacher who goes by the name of John. 

The incredibly cool science instructor who teachers 8-9th grade girls, doesn't get mad when his students doodle on their papers, he gets even by finishing the drawings and a lot of time making them even better. The instructor told the students that if they drew on their papers he would draw back and I mean how cool is that?

The pictures below show the teacher covering his student's drawings in hilarious and fun doodles in red.

The teacher's doodling work is so prolific that he even started a blog showcasing the finished results.