A great teacher can inspire and change their students' lives forever, and that is exactly what one educator recently did in Japan. A teacher in a Shizuoka Prefecture high school gave his students a test that they will never forget.

He hid a message in a problem-solving portion of a test where students had to put Japanese phonetic characters in the right order, thereby forming a paragraph. When the problem was solved, it formed this sentence: “Yume to kibou wo motte ganbare yo. Sayonara. Mata aou,” which roughly translates to “Always have hope and follow your dreams. Do your best out there. I hope we meet again some day.”

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While most of the students were able to complete the puzzle and receive the heartfelt message, unfortunately 10 percent of them did not answer the question correctly. Either way, it's a caring gesture that will no doubt have a positive impact on his students.