And I thought I had a good memory. A netizen recently posted a series of photos of a history teacher in China drawing the entire map of the world on a chalkboard by memory and by hand. 

The incredibly impressive feat is documented chronologically in the photos, and you can see how precise the teacher is at drawing the world map. What's equally mind-blowing is how the teacher is able to sketch the world map to scale. 

Photos of the incident were posted on Sina Weibo to much fanfare, with some commenters saying the following:

"Not only is he dedicated to his work, he’s also passionate about it."

"This is a history teacher at our high school, currently teaching my younger brother."

"This has already become one of the most popular microblog posts [at time of its original posting]. Looks like my Dongbei [Northeast] Normal University Affiliated Middle School’s Teacher Zhao Dengming has become famous! This old man is very adorable, teaching class with his loud, northwest accent. May he have good health!"

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