If you had to choose between work and family, which would you pick? The Goblin actor Gong Yoo and screenwriter Kim Eun Sook talked about the sacrifice their family has made for them and brought some to tears at the Baeksang Arts Awards on May 3, 2017. Here are the full acceptance speeches made by Gong Yoo and Kim Eun Sook.

Gong Yoo (Best actor’s prize)

“Just a couple of months ago, I was the lonely and great god. I’m back being a weak human now,” Gong Yoo said in his acceptance speech for the best actor’s prize in the television category.

“Thank you, screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, for presenting me with Kim Shin and director Lee Eung Bok for playing Kim Shin with me with a sword in your chest. I also want to thank Eun Tae, who loved the lonely Kim Shin so much. I want to say something to the staff members who went through the war-like Goblin filming scenes. Everything was good because you guys were with me.

“I was actually scared to be here. I’m wondering why myself. A lot had happened to me last year. I fell in love with a strange woman, became a zombie, and fought for a country risking my life. In just a year’s time, I had lived many lives.

“I get confused a lot these days. Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going? I’ll take this prize as a wake-up call telling me to stop wandering.

“Thanks for the fans who loved Goblin. Thanks for everyone sitting here, who’s been with me for the past two years.”

After a long pause, he continued.

“I want to say something to my mother who’s watching this at home. Mother sometimes gets sad, saying her son feels like someone else’s son now.

“That’s because I’m not good to her. I’m so sorry and please stay healthy for a long time mum and dad.

“And, though cheesy, I might not be on stage again, so I’d like to say to Forest management’s CEO Kim Jang Kyun, I’ve never thought of you as a manager. Hyung, I’m sorry for making you worry. I received a prize!

“The worries I had as an actor, when I look back at them in the future, I hope they weren’t futile. Be happy everyone. Thank you.”

Kim Eun Sook (Grand prize)

“Every time I do a drama, I received so much love, had great actors participate, and had a talented director produce beautiful scenes,” Kim Eun Sook said in her acceptance speech for the grand prize also in the television category.

“I’ve always wondered, ‘How long will this luck last?’ Then I received this prize. So I’ll have to withstand the weight of this heavy award. Will I be able to?

“When I write the next drama, I think this award will make me look really small. Regardless, I’ll write more fluttery, funny, and touching dramas. I’ll dream while withstanding the weight of this award.”

After doing a list of thanks, saying she won’t have the opportunity elsewhere, Kim brought up her 12-year-old daughter. “When I said, ‘Mum might win a prize,’ she asked, ‘What did you do well on?’ When I said, ‘I think I did something well,’ she said, ‘Okay. You always make me wait for you but you can go get the award,’ and hurt me so bad.

“I’m sorry and thank you, my daughter Choi Min Ji, for letting you grow without a mother. I’d also like to thank my husband Choi Sang Hyun, who raised the child and whom I’m so grateful for.

“And to my mom, who said I’d starve to death if I write and I should take up a government job, I live well now so don’t worry to much. I think you can boast about me too. I’ll call you more often.”

Congratulations team Goblin on the prizes! Your hard work paid off!

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