This photo submitted for "face judging" received the comment: "If you tilt your head 45 degrees you could be an ulzzang," meaning "best" or "perfect face." More and more teens in South Korea are asking netizens to rate their faces in order to get an "objective" opinion on their attractiveness, or potential in the booming talent industry. A quick search of Korean websites reveals numerous posts from teens putting themselves on the line for judgement. One "face judge" recently revealed his or her standards for 얼평 (eolpyeong: judging faces). "Grading Standards for Face Rating: 100 points: An ulzzang! (ulzzang means "best face" or "perfect face") 90 points: Good enough to be the school ulzzang? 80 points: Good enough to be the prettiest in the class? 70 points: It's indefinite. Not ordinary-looking, but not pretty either 60 points: Just ordinary-looking; not ugly 50 points: A bit ugly 40 points: Very ugly 30 points: Almost vomit-inducing 20 points: Needs to be born again 10 points: Is this a face? 0 points -- (expletive)..?" In a society dominated by pop culture and celebrity, are face graders providing a service, or just taking advantage of young people's insecurities?