teen top TEEN TOP has been feeling the love from their European fans, as they ride their tour bus from city to city, playing concerts along the way. Take their recent "sTOP" in France, where the boys sold out their concert in just one day, leaving fans to request additional concerts be added. They are the first Korean idol group to tour throughout Europe, but we're quite certain they won't be the last, if fan reaction is any indicator. The group commented: "We are so happy that we have fans here. Riding the tour bus was a great way for us and our staff members to get to know each other better as well."  Their agency went on to comment, "The members were surprised that they were going to be riding a tour bus that only top celebrities rode. TEEN TOP will continue to work harder for their fans."  Speaking on behalf of the fans, I think it's safe to say that we'll do the same for them. Will you be checking in with TEEN TOP on their adventures through Europe?