In the ultimate show of fan devotion, Teen Top "Angels" brought their favorite band to play in New York City by voting for them on the new K-pop crowdfunding site Krowdpop by Kpop United. Teen Top showed their appreciation for fans who made their New York City stop on the High Kick Tour possible by putting on the show of a lifetime. DramaFever was lucky enough to not only get an exclusive interview with Teen Top, but was also able to take in all the action at the show thanks to Mnet America. Here are the highlights of the incredible night.

Teen Top's New York City stop on the High Kick Tour was extra special because it was the first time the group has ever preformed in New York City. Each member brought their own unique talent and style to make the concert a night to remember. Let's take a look:


You don't even have to know much about Teen Top to immediately know that C.A.P. is the leader.

During the show, he commanded the stage with a confident, intense presence. He captivated the audience with his strong rapping skills and his smooth dance moves.

It's no wonder that his title is Charisma Rapper!


As the lead vocalist of the group, Chunji sang his heart out to thrill his Angels.

Known as the Power Voice, he gave each song his all, hitting every note perfectly.

Not to mention that he definitely lived up to his reputation as the visual of the group! He has one of the cutest faces in the world of K-pop (don't hate me fangirls!).


L.Joe's performance in New York City proved that not only is he incredibly talented as one of Teen Top's main rappers, but he can dance with the best of them.

He's know as the Bad Boy Rapper, and you could see that persona during the show.

More often than not, however, L.Joe was caught smiling and looking like he was having the most fun of all. You could tell by his grin that he definitely fits his reputation as the Mischievous Rapper!


Niel is known as the Emotional Vocalist, and with his smooth technique he infused every song with pure feeling.

His energy never stopped as he pumped fans up and kept the excitement high.

I have to admit that Niel was easily the most fun member to take photos of because he didn't pause his momentum for even a moment.


No one can deny that Ricky is the adorable one. His baby face and cute poses have caused him to be nicknamed Lovely Boy.

But at the NYC stop, he proved that there is much more to him than just a pretty face. He is also known as Lovely Voice for a reason!


Changjo is the maknae, or youngest member of the group, but you would never guess it. He's typically the quietest and least flashy member of Teen Top, but his boy next door style and quiet confidence draws fans in.

Changjo is known as Dancing Boy, and during the show you could tell that dancing is where his passion is.

Even though he's the main dancer, he never passed up the opportunity to shine while singing his parts.

Teen Top's Angels danced along and sang the night away knowing that it was their love and support that proved that fans are ready for K-pop to come to every city the world over!

Photos by M. Crew and Colleen Johnson

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