Teen Top’s super cute, and always winking member Chunji is 19 years old on October 5th! It’s a totally messed up way of thinking, but many fans will say Chunji became their Teen Top bias (favorite member) the moment he smiled at the camera after being caught cheating in the No More Perfume music video!

It’s like Chunji became everyone’s favorite and cutest cheater after that, but he was just playing a character and cheaters in real life suck so Chunji is the exception o_0. Chunji is super cute in every way with an over bite, and habits like winking and always taking selca’s. To celebrate his last year as a “teen” we’ve collected some of Chunji’s cutest selcas!

9. One of my favorite photos ever! Chunji and the twin kitty!

8. Look at his overbite! It's so adorable and I don't know whyy!

7. Thick eyebrows and good hair, you just can't ask for anything more than that.

6. That eyeliner makes his eyes look extra pretty right?!

5. I'm really just looking at all the packaged food on the table behind him to be honest.

4. He looks cute and natural here. He has such a "nice boyfriend material" look to him.

3. Chunji with fellow Teen Top member Niel as bunny/kitty friends awwz!

2. I really like him as a blond. It works for him.

1. That's a good side profile and the double earrings so cuuteeee!

I really used the word "cute" in this article like 500x and I don't even care because that's all that comes to mind when I look at Chunji! HE'S A CUTE MONSTER! #NoShameForLikingThe19YearOld (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE