Here we go again! It seems like I'm always reporting on Teen Top's issues with fans. First the underwear throwing, then the prank calls, and now L.Joe might possibly have a sasaeng fan! So the other day on Twitter L.Joe tweeted about some person following him around. He was in a movie theater, and this person sat beside him causing him to change his seat more than once. Then he tweeted that this person followed him from his dorm to the theater, and that he feels uncomfortable having his personal life invaded. On Twitter, L.Joe was directly speaking to this person and Chunji tweeted back with "I'm sorry" and "That's Right, That's Right" causing some confusion about who the tweets were actually directed to. In my opinion L.Joe, like many other Idols who have taken to Twitter to confront their sasaeng fans, was doing just that. He was telling the sasaeng to back off, and I think Chunji was just agreeing.

L.Joe and Chunji

A sasaeng fan is a really freaked out, nutcase of a fan who will stalk the Idol of their affection to no end, in some cases cause them harm, and even go as far as to break into their homes and dorms. It's totally scary to think a sasaeng might have actually been sitting right next to L.Joe in that movie theater! I think it's about time TEEN TOP got a security guard or two because all these issues with fans is just becoming a little too messy. (-_-) KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE