Heaven's Postman The Telecinema Film Series is now on DramaFever! Seven movies will be released over the course of seven weeks starring the most popular actors in Korea today performing screenplays by award-winning Japanese writers. The seven titles include The Relation of Face, Mind and Love; Heaven's Postman; 19; Triangle; Paradise; A Dream Comes True; and After the Banquet. The project was spearheaded by the film and TV production company Samhwa Networks to bring together two of the largest media companies in Asia, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and Asahi TV. Film and TV fans alike in Korea and Japan have greeted the films with an incredible response and critical acclaim. American fans of independent films and TV dramas will love the touching stories that transcend borders. Popular actors include Hero Jaejoong (formerly of super boy band TVXQ, now in spinoff group JYJ), Han Hyo Joo (star of Shining Inheritance, the biggest Korean drama of 2009), T.O.P (supporting actor in action hit IRIS and rapper in Korean super group Big Bang), Kim Ha Neul (winner of Top Excellence Award for an Actress for On Air), and Hwang Jung Eum (winner of Best New Actress award for her role in popular sitcom High Kick Through The Roof). telecinema relation of face mind and love Award-winning screenwriters include Kitagawa Eriko (writer of popular Japanese drama Tatta Hitotsu no Koi), Yokota Rie (writer of the extremely popular Gokusen TV series), and Okada Yoshikazu (winner of Best Screenwriter award twice in Japan). Start watching now with THE RELATION OF FACE, MIND AND LOVE and HEAVEN'S POSTMAN! The Relation of Face, Mind and Love Kang Ji Hwan (Coffee House) and Lee Ji Ah (Beethoven VirusAthena) join forces in this romantic comedy about love coming from unexpected places. Kang Tae Pung (Kang Ji Hwan) is a successful interior designer. He experiences a phenomenon that makes him see unattractive people as attractive, and then he meets Wang So Jung (Lee Ji Ah), a cheerful girl who mimics animal expressions. This film, written by Oishi Shizuka (First Love, Mama wa Mukashi Papa datta) and directed by Lee Jang Soo (Stairway to Heaven), asks whether looks matter in love? http://www.dramafever.com/drama/3915/1/The_Relation_of_Face,_Mind_and_Love/ Heaven's Postman Han Hyo Joo (Shining Inheritance) and Hero Jaejoong of the Kpop group TVXQ star in this melodrama about a promising CEO who becomes a postman for the dead. After an accident, Shin Jae Joon (Hero Jaejoong) falls into a coma and is given the ability to travel between the real world and heaven. He delivers the mail from the bereaved to the dead in heaven. He meets Jo Ha Na (Han Hyo Joo) and she becomes interested in his work, especially since she's the only one who can see him. Written by Kitagawa Eriko (Tell Me You Love Me, Love of My Life) and directed by Lee Hyung Min (Sorry I Love YouSnow Queen). http://www.dramafever.com/drama/3914/1/Heaven's_Postman/ Stay tuned for a new Telecinema movie each week!